I’ve been seeing much in the media about the efforts of the Catholic church to resist Obama’s efforts to force Christians to comply with the mandate concerning support of birth control and abortion. The Catholic church has evidently taking the position of  leading “ALL” Christians. The Pope is considered the final arbiter on earth, by the church of Rome, and is evidently believed by many Non-Catholics to be just that.  That in and of itself is NOWHERE in my Bible, and is only one example of many as to why I have taken the position that the Roman church is most certainly NOT Christian, due to it’s most basic Doctrines. I would be most interested to discuss this at length with others either with opposing views or, are like minded. There is always room for open respectful, and intellectually honest debate.

  1. Enrique says:

    You do know religion is being used to guide the lazy masses to a difficult moral decision that should not be that easy?

    • lizardmansc says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not however, really sure about the meaning of you’re question. “Religion” and or religiosity are not really matters of the heart and mind, which is in my opinion and according to my bible, where faith resides. Many people use “religion” to feed the carnal nature of man, I will call it soulish behavior. There is a wide divide between the soul and the Spirit. This question troubles most “Christians”, as they have not looked into the Word, and are for the most part unaware of WHAT the bible really says. Rather most “Christians”, are satisfied with the opinions of “learned” teachers, and do not possess the will to look into what they are being told, and testing it against scripture. They do not understand the SPIRITUAL power we receive, (according to the words of Jesus Christ), when we come to faith. Most “Christians” do not understand the provision of GRACE which is a gift, through FAITH, which our spirit is GIVEN from God “so that no man can boast” about having it. Pride is THE most damaging characteristic of the “natural/soulish” man or woman. People use “religion” for any number of reasons, most of which do not assure salvation through faith, which in turn allows God to bestow on true believers ‘unmerited favor’, which is the very definition of GRACE. Faith in the unmeasurable LOVE that God holds for His Creation, is an uncompromising understanding that ya know, that ya know, that ya know, that God Is omnipresent, True, Just and absolutely Righteous. Satan’s GREATEST LIE is that he (Satan) doesn’t exist at all, and most of mankind believes that lie, which sadly means that most of mankind will never come to a faith which leads to ETERNAL Salvation. To one who KNOWS with every fiber of one’s being the true SPIRITUAL aspect of being at rest in God’s hand, it IS that one’s MOST valuable possession. Man can kill the body, but it is only a temporal home anyway. Man cannot kill the spirit which is not carnal/worldly in nature, it is NOT of This World, it is “super natural”.
      My response to you, may or may not be what you were looking for. In any case, if the nature of your comment was to suggest that men depend on “religion” to guide them, through life, that is true, but unprofitable spiritually. Faith in God as the author of our faith, WITHOUT help or input from mankind is different, as we rely on guidance from the 3rd member of the Godhead, known as Holy Spirit. He communes with our spirit, and speaks to every man. The problem is that most men think it is their own wisdom, or conscience which produces the unction to do something. Mankind must decide IF it will use, the gift of free will to deny God, or follow his promptings….. SEEEEE YA, lizardmansc

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