‴Christians have been warningImage about ‴THE END‴ for 2000 years‴…. unknown source, but common excuse for denying it’s Truth…








God doesn’t work on any clock. Time means nothing to Him. The circumstances in this world will one day reach the line He has drawn… what we consider a long time is nothing in context with eternity, NOTHING. Kansas did a song “Dust In The Wind”, catch it on Youtube, it says it all.
MOST of the prophecies concerning the end of days have been fulfilled. (Check the historicity of that for yourself. Don’t believe ME) There have been countless attempts by men who are wise in their own eyes and the eyes of the world, which have attempted to disprove the TRUTH found in the accounts and prophecies of the Old Covenant, and the New Covenant. Everyone of them has failed. Disproving what they call a fairy tale or fable or even a lie, regularly devolves into chides and supposition, never however substantiated, but commonly believed. Men do not WANT to believe they will be held accountable for the way they conduct their affairs. The GOOD NEWS is that through the sacrifice of the One Man Jesus, and shedding of His Blood, God offers a way to be reconciled to Himself, simply by believing on Jesus Christ and obeying Him to the BEST of our ability. (And He knows what that is). It’s free, it’s available to everyone, and it WILL change your life. It ain’t easy but fear disappears IF we TRUST AND DO NOT FAINT. Most people give it a half hearted try and blow it off, because they WANT a sign. That ain’t how it works,
Mankind has been unsuccessfully been trying to wipe out the Jews since the beginning. They suffer at the hands of their enemies for their exercise of free will, and disobedience.
In EVERY country where the WORLD has attempted to destroy Christianity they have failed. HOW and WHY do you suppose that can happen? Many Have died in this process but men an only kill the body. Once one makes a decision for Christ, his/hers Spirit is invaded by God’s Holy Spirit and becomes a new creation; life from that point on is a battle between the Natural Man (the soul) the body, and the Holy One. In China, in Muslim countries, and those under atheist or ANTI Christian leadership, home churches and private gatherings of believers have been growing at a phenomenal rate. They have tired of oppression. Much of the persecuted church is not recognized in the WORLD because the lord of this world; Satan, the original liar, the ENEMY of all men, especially Jews and Christians, has literally blinded them, and has been successful in selling his message of unaccountability. Willingness to simply open the heart to even the most vague possibility can change eternity, AND men’s willingness to use their blessings to bless others can REALLY change this world. NOW.



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