images DisapprovalBigotry is none of the above son. It is an Old French word, meaning at the worst intolerance. Unrevised History will bear out it has nothing to do with hatred, due to “race, sex, etc.” The Roman Church was at the center of the whole deal when first the term was used. The Roman Church was and has throughout history been a bastion of “progressive, liberal thought”… AND Bigotry. Only through murder and intimidation by association and collusion with corrupt governments, pre-reformation, during reformation and post reformation, did IT retain it’s stranglehold on power. Literally millions have died at the hands of the Roman Church, and governments with whom it colludes.
Being Christian is STRICTLY about a consistent deep abiding faith in someone (Jesus Christ) I’ve never seen, but who came to me with a message of love and reconciliation from the One who made all that is. In so doing, I received GRACE and gave Him Lordship, I died to self. I died, but now I truly live. He Loves You Too. He IS there with you NOW, shhhhh….. listen!
If your gripe is about homosexuality, abortion, and the myth of “social justice”, you and every other liberal progressive in this country are mistaken, misinformed, or stupid… Conservatism is about Constitutional Liberty, Smaller Government, Economic Freedom, and Accountability from our elected “officials. Nothing more, nothing less. We do take umbrage at the notion of entitlement based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on, and on, and on. We do take umbrage at the prospect of the government trampling on the constitutional liberties we take as God inspired, written, unambiguous, time tested, RIGHTS. The Bill Of Rights is at the core of that position. We take umbrage at an unaccountable government, and judiciary attempting to force us to accept the notion that ANY demographic group based on gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or race should be treated with ANY degree of favoritism in ANY situation. NOBODY in this country is ENTITLED TO ANYTHING, UNLESS THEY EARNED IT THEMSELVES. Those who truly… TRULY need a hand up SHOULD be helped, but that is the job of a self centered populace which has become accustomed to letting someone else do the heavy lifting. There is no genuine charity anywhere but in a relatively few CHRISTIAN based organizations.
I do Not hate anyone, MOST conservatives don’t either. That said, I will not be cow towed, and bullied by people who’s world view and lack of fear for God are diametrically opposed to my own. Liberalism and Un-Godly false doctrine, are the antithesis of my own world view and what I believe to be right, honest, and true. If that’s “hate”, the sun don’t set in the west.
The greatest degree of hateful behavior in America, indeed the world, originates in groups who identify themselves with and support Leftist, Progressive/Socialist, and Fascist ideals. Unrevised history will bear that out… IF one is not too niggardly to look honestly into it. You see it’s easy to speak to an HONEST skeptic, but a DISHONEST skeptic has already determined that my point of view or argument is false or wrong. (Ravi Zacharias)
I was once a liberal hippy dippy, peace, love, dove, everything is beautiful, do your own thing, kind of guy. I got drafted and left the military honorably without getting killed. I then spent the next 30 years doing everything to EXCESS, living the life of an outlaw biker. Hurting, intimidating, and using people for any reason any time. In a nutshell; a dangerous and heartless amigo. There was ALWAYS something, more accurately, SOMEONE missing, and the hole in my heart was NEVER FILLED by my Harley or any of the money, sex, violence, drugs, or booze. But once I heard that still small voice, (most of us mistake as our own thoughts) and began to be honest about ALL that I have learned in my life, I then began looking intensely into what is morally correct; thereby judging with and open HONEST mind… All the BS of the WORLD fell away… It is based in narcissism, pride, and secular humanistic moral relativism. It is a LIE. The truth; ABSOLUTE TRUTH, lies in God’s precious gift of grace (unmerited favor), in that even though all of mankind is as filthy rags, God came to Earth and allowed mere men; (Whom He Created) to nail Himself in the person Of Jesus THE Christ, to a tree, As a sacrifice paying the debt we ALL owe for our disobedience. EXACTLY as was foretold many times spread out over several thousand years before by different men of different backgrounds, in different parts of the known world. The odds of which happening; are roughly the same as covering an area the size of Texas with silver dollars tails up, and one man walking blindfolded over those silver dollars and picking up the ONE AND ONLY coin lying heads up. NOW open your mind shut your mouth and reason honestly about what what genuine TRUTH Freedom and BIGOTRY really are.