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  I’ve been seeing much in the media about the efforts of the Catholic church to resist Obama’s efforts to force Christians to comply with the mandate concerning support of birth control and abortion. The Catholic church has evidently taking the position of  leading “ALL” Christians. The Pope is considered the final arbiter on earth, by the church of Rome, and is evidently believed by many Non-Catholics to be just that.  That in and of itself is NOWHERE in my Bible, and is only one example of many as to why I have taken the position that the Roman church is most certainly NOT Christian, due to it’s most basic Doctrines. I would be most interested to discuss this at length with others either with opposing views or, are like minded. There is always room for open respectful, and intellectually honest debate.



Posted: February 17, 2012 in FAITH, POLITICS

It seems that every day I come across a new case of some secular humanist filled with deep animosity toward anything Christian, launching a mindless tirade telling the world why Faith in Jesus Christ is worse than murder. They then launch into another tirade of twisted logic describing why they believe there is no room in the public arena for anything Christian. Still others attempt (rather lamely) to deny any empirical evidence concerning the validity of our scriptures.  What makes the whole “argument” of most of these folks sad, is that they run off at the mouth about Christian “intolerance”, and “Christians pushing their beliefs off on everyone else.” While in the name of tolerance and open-mindedness,  these hypocrites deny Christians the same latitude that they demand. Ya can’t even make this stuff up!                                                                                       Here in America (for the time being at least), most people of faith enjoy a relatively peaceful coexistence with others of different faiths, and even un- believers. But an old enemy has come calling, and even now sniffs around the door. I believe that Satan has NEVER enjoyed such access to world power as he has gained through the progressive/liberal godless agenda seated in the halls of American government. With the election of a man, who has in his own writings unabashedly gives his approval of abortion (even into the 3rd trimester), and also promotes the notion that a baby which survives abortion should not be given ANY life saving aid.  The same liberal/progressive powers having passed a bill into law seizing control of medical care in America, are now setting about the task of forcing people of faith, with legitimate objection to abortion or contraception involving abortifacient drugs  to pay for them, supplying the rest of “society” with those things. The question begs then,  is this the act of a Christian? I am not the judge, and God needs no help from any man. However in the course of natural progression, an honest question must be asked. How can any man or woman who professes absolute faith in Christ Jesus, justify support for any person or persons who approve of and promote the murder of the unborn? Is it not reasonable to say then, that a vote for such an individual is indeed giving a wink and nod of approval? Each of us will one day stand before Christ and face either approval or judgement, and each of us must as “Christians” or Jews who serve the same God, use the gift of free will with wisdom. Many unfortunately choose to willfully and pridefully compromise with the world and set their own fate down the path of judgement. Grace is conditional folks, decide this day who you will follow.