Many feel that Bush was behind the financial crunch.  Go back a bit and recall that he sent regulators to try to keep Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac from backing ALL of those bad loans, BUT THE DEMONRAT CONGRESS PUSHED THEM INTO A FIRE AND FORCED LENDING INSTITUTIONS TO WRITE LOANS TO PEOPLE WHO COULD NEVER QUALIFY FOR A HOME LOAN….”Because everybody has a right to own their own home.” When they defaulted in mass the taxpayers of the country were put on the hook for it.
OBAMA and THE FED have taken exactly the wrong steps to pull us out. 3 1/2 years of ABJECT FAILURE with the progressive approach to the issue, and pinheads are still trying to lay this mess in it’s entirety on Bush. Granted the 1st Tarp deal was a huge mistake and many of us knew it. That was THE setup for the desolation that OBAMA has caused, and now promotes internationally. He is a national embarrassment, and THE most dangerous single man in the country. Like most politicians I believe he ‘s working for the New World Order bunch

 Don’t be mistaken Bush walked way outside of his constitutional authority. He is even quoted as saying, “The constitution is nothing but a goddamn piece of paper.” That says a whole lot about Him. But that is for another time.



 GOD IS A JUST GOD. He Loves you more than you could ever imagine, but by your own volition you refuse Him, that makes you guilty of every act of your disobedience. The penalty of which is eternal life in hell. He actually came to earth and allowed mere men to beat Him, and hang Him on a tree, to provide the blood sacrifice He demanded as a way for mankind to be reconciled to Him by Faith, in His resurrection from the grave, his descent into hell, and ascension into heaven to prepare a place for YOU.
It’s like You going before a judge who finds you guilty of a crime, according to the law. After the judge sentences you to pay a steep fine. He then leaves his seat walks to the clerk and pays YOUR fine. As far as faith goes, it’s like you knowing in your heart that an electric outlet will shock the ever loving crap outta you if you stick a pair of tweezers into it. You can’t see it, you can’t prove it’s there or real without some action on YOUR part. Faith in God is exactly like that. BUT once you’ve been touched by Him you realize He IS with you, and will NEVER leave you, or turn His back on you. Unfortunately your spiritual darkness is much like the rest of the world. It’s a sad thing. But the Gift of, free will to chose how one will spend eternity is in each individual’s charge… Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
The bible admonishes believers to try to reason with the lost. But it also admonishes us not tho cast pearls to pigs, as they will stomp them into the mud and attack us… So it is, so it is.

  President Obama has made it abundantly clear since coming on the national scene from the run up to his inauguration, to now, that his vision for America, is Big Government powered by oppressive regulation through unconstitutionally appointed bureaucrats. He has systematically undermined the separation of powers by bypassing Congress to achieve Executive power by regulation. Americans got what they asked for by voting the absolutely most unqualified, openly progressive (socialist/fascist), believer in the myth of “social justice” into the most powerful position in the world… and I do mean WORLD. Many who voted for Mr. Obama, did so based on his ethnicity, totally ignoring his lack of experience in any area that could possibly lend itself to qualifying him to manage a convenience store let alone our Republic.  Many desired to make themselves a party to the historicity of his election, which was  not necessarily a bad thing, but tunnel vision hid the truth about THE MAN. Obama’s devotion to his ideology trumps the duty he has to the WHOLE country, and it seems whatever the cost to the country his stated goal of “leveling the playing field” is paramount. Unfortunately many of Obama’s most rabid supporters still cling to the hope that he will do what’s right but I believe that placing hope in him will be an exercise in futility, so rigid is his devotion to the agenda. Many readers may accuse me of being racially motivated, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Take it or leave it, that IS truth. ……………………………..